Born in Pattar Kalan, Distt. Jalandhar, Punjab, Deedar started singing Folk Songs, Shabads & Bhajans at the early age of 5.

He migrated to Kenya, East Africa in 1951 where he started singing regularly on the Radio and later on TV. He soon became a household name in East Africa.

Blessing him with his diamond ring and gold buttons, the famous Sarod player Ustad Ali Akbar Khan Sahib took Deedar as his pupil after listening to his enchanting "Heer Waris Shah".

Mohd. Rafi (his favourite singer) climbed onto the rostrum to embrace Deedar after listening to Deedar's soulful rendering of "Chaudhvi Ka Chand". Thereafter Deedar came to be known as Mohd. Rafi of East Africa.

Deedar was the first Asian Singer to make records with Philips Record Company in East Africa. His hits like "Salma" & "Toote Dil" spread up to the Bombay Film Industry and in 1969 he was invited to Bombay by Kuljit Pal, the Producer of films "Vaasna" and "Arth" to sing for films "Anjana Safar, Do Shikari, Mehmaan & Chor Swami". He worked with Music Directors Chitra Gupt & Ravi and had a delightful duet with Asha Bhonsle and a chorus with Mahendra Kapoor, Hem Lata and Minoo Purshotam. He decided not to stay in Bombay and continued his permanent profession as a teacher in Kenya.

Deedar migrated to the UK in 1975 and in 1978 recorded his first LP of Popular Punjabi Songs "Ambi Da Buta". This was followed in 1979 by his Urdu poetry LP "Salma Ki Yaad Mein". Both LPs were a tremendous success and stimulated young Groups in the UK.

Deedar began singing effectively from 1952 and people are still keen to look for his golden voice and listen to him with admiration. By profession Deedar has been a qualified teacher and is now retired. Even though singing is his hobby and he has had no formal music training, he has achieved an undeniable eminence in the music world.

To date he has several albums to his credit. He is an artiste of great versatility and can sing Gurbani Shabads, Bhajans, Punjabi, Urdu, Gujerati Ghazals and Geets with ease, vivacity and confidence. His selection of poetry in all his albums is unique and he is still busy recording new material.

Eventually Deedar's only wish is to return to his village and revive the memories of his childhood in the lap of motherland "Punjab".

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