Deedar Singh Pardesi: Heer

Deedar Singh Pardesi: "Heer Waris Shah" Full Version

After many requests from the fans of Deedar Singh Pardesi, the full version of this enchanting rendering of "Heer Waris Shah" is now available. In 1959, the famous Sarod player, Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, blessed Deedar Singh Pardesi with his diamond ring and gold buttons upon listening to Deedar's rendition of "Heer".

Deedar Singh Pardesi: Dil Deke Bedardan Nu

Deedar Singh Pardesi: Jagga Live In Toronto

Deedar Singh Pardesi & Dr Surjit Patar: Kach Da Glass

Deedar Singh Pardesi: Pandit Ji, Live in Toronto

Sandeep of Jag Bani TV interviews Deedar Singh Pardesi

Part1 of the Interview

Part2 of the Interview

Sathi Ludhianvi interviews Deedar Singh Pardesi

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Deedar Singh Pardesi: Raat Chanani Maen Turan

Watch a short clip of Deedar Singh Pardesi rendering one of his hit songs "Raat Chanani Maen Turan" written by Shiv Kumar Batalvi. Deedar Singh Pardesi released this song way back in 1978 on the first popular Punjabi LP, "Ek Buta Ambi Da" in the UK. This song also made Deedar Singh Pardesi a household name in Punjab when he sang on the Door Darshan TV station Jalandhar in 1979

Deedar Singh Pardesi: Door Apne Aapton

Watch a short clip of Deedar Singh Pardesi rendering two couplets of famous ghazal written by the renowned poet of New Delhi, Late Prakash Sathi, who also wrote the famous song "Jadon Meri Arthi Utha Ke Chalan Ge" This full ghazal is available on two of Deedar Singh Pardesi's popular CD Albums, "Ek Buta Ambi Da" and "Tootte Dil".

Deedar Singh Pardesi Interview on Des Pardes TV Vancouver

Deedar Singh Pardesi had an unexpected visit to Vancouver, Canada in September 2007 with his friend Mr Amrao Singh Atwal (Kingsway Tandoori, London). He was only there for 2 days and was picked up by one of the Producers of Des Pardes TV & Radio, Mr Baljinder Singh Atwal, who in a very short time arranged this wonderful interview and shooting of song "Ek Buta Ambi Da". Deedar Singh Pardesi was interviewed by a renowned presenter, Mr Harjinder S. Thind on 23rd September 2007. Deedar Singh Pardesi is very thankful to Directors of Des Pardes TV & Radio and Producers Atwal Saab and Thind Saab.

Dasmesh Da Deedar: Rajj Rajj Darshan Kar Lae Kalgiyan Wale De

Deedar Singh Pardesi sang Dasmesh Da Deedar in 1973 in a Diwan at Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Nairobi, Kenya. This poem, written by Vidhata Singh Teer, depicts the greatness of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the remarkable Saint Soldier who blessed us with a unique identity and pride in the world. This is one of the items from Deedar Singh Pardesi's popular CD album, Dasmesh Da Deedar.

Deedar Singh Pardesi: Aayee Hai Vaisakhi

Lyrics, Composition, Music and Performance by Deedar Singh Pardesi, the song that captures the historic event of Vaisakhi.

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Deedar Singh Pardesi: Sunehri Shaam Door Darshan Jalandhar

Deedar Singh Pardesi, a Veteran Singer would like to express his sincere thanks to Door Darshan Jalandhar for honouring him, along with other Veteran Personalities, for his lifetime contributions to Punjabi Sahit in their special annual programme “Sunehri Shaam” which was televised live on 13th October 2014.

Deedar Singh Pardesi Honoured by S. Iqbal Singh

Deedar Singh Pardesi and his wife visited Amritsar in 2008. His close friend, S. Iqbal Singh (IPS) arranged a get together to honour Deedar Singh Pardesi and introduce him to his staff. Deedar Singh Pardesi feels indebted to S. Iqbal Singh Ji and his staff for arranging this wonderful welcome. The programme includes a live performance from Deedar Singh Pardesi including some of his great hits: 1. Raat Channani Maen Turan 2. Hunda See Aethe Shaks Ik 3. Chaudhvin Ka Chand 4. Heer 5. Salma.

Deedar Singh Pardesi Honoured at SGS Khlasa, Secondary School, Anandpur Sahib.

Deedar Singh Pardesi was a Guest of Honour at the acclaimed Senior Secondary School at Anandpur Sahib on the 28th October 2014. The chairman S. Iqbal Singh Ji, the School Governors, the Principal and the Staff organised this “Rubru” (interactive discussion) with the students of the school. Mr Pardesi shared key moments of his Life and Teaching experience with the students. He gave his opinions and advice how to become good human beings and citizens. Additionally he rendered some of his nostalgic songs along with a religious song depicting the difficult life of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.Deedar Singh Pardesi would like to extend his gratitude to S. Iqbal Singh Ji Lal Pura (retired SSP) for arranging this wonderful and unforgettable event.

Sarbans Dani Dasmesh by Deedar Singh Pardesi

A wonderful poem written by great poet Vidhata Singh Teer, depicting prominent aspects of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji's life, performed by the one and only Deedar Singh Pardesi in his unique style. This performance took place at the acclaimed Senior Secondary School at Anandpur Sahib on 28th October 2014.

Unforgettable glimpses of the colourful life of Living Legend Deedar Singh Pardesi

This short video gives a brief insight into some of the unforgettable lifetime events of the great Deedar Singh Pardesi. This unique artiste has created soulful music which is appreciated across the world. From his starting roots in Kenya, through to the magic of Bombay playback singing and his inspiration to the UK Bhangra scene, Deedar Singh Pardesi is a Gem to Indian music.

"Sher-e-Punjab" Maharaja Ranjit Singh Di Amar Kahani by Deedar Singh Pardesi

Maharaja Ranjit Singh (13th November 1780 to 27th June 1839) was the founder of the Sikh Empire, which came to power in the north of Indian sub-continent in the early half of the 19th Century. In the memory of this great Maharaja, Deedar Singh Pardesi presents an exclusive recording, depicting the life story of "Sher-e-Punjab".

Mother's Day Special 06 Mar 2016 by Deedar Singh Pardesi

Watch this touching tribute for Mother’s Day - a special interview with Deedar Singh Pardesi and Chaman Lal Chaman on the Pal Jhalli Breakfast Show, Sikh Channel. Happy Mother’s Day!".

Sikh Channel Kavi Darbar

Watch Deedar Singh Pardesi and Chaman Lal Chaman rendering wonderful poetry with Pal Jhalli on the Sikh Channel Kavi Darbar Show. This was televised on 06 March 2016. Cameraman Harjit Nijjar.

Deedar Singh Pardesi MATV Interview 10 Mar 2016

Watch Deedar Singh Pardesi with Sathi Ludhianvi on MATV. Deedar Singh Pardesi presents some of his early gems sung on Cable and Wireless and Kenya Broadcasting Service.

Deedar Singh Pardesi Remembers the Legendary Punjabi Poet Inderjit Hassanpuri

Deedar Singh Pardesi was given a big reception by Punjabi Sahit Academy in Punjabi Bhavan Ludhiana in 1993 where Inderjit Hassanpuri and Ishar Singh Prasher presented him with the Academy Award in presence of other dignitaries from Ludhiana. This short video rekindles some of the fond memories of Deedar Singh Pardesi’s 65th Birthday where Inderjit Hassanpuri amongst other prominent poets rendered a special message for Deedar Singh Pardesi and recited poems including his famous geet “Tera Nahion Jag Te Jawab Ni Panjabane” Watch and enjoy.

Gallan Te Geet with Deedar Singh Pardesi on 23rd May 2016

Veteran singer Deedar Singh Pardesi being interviewed by Jalandhar Door Darshan on recent visit to India. This programme was televised live on Monday 23rd May 2016 all over northern India up to Delhi. (Note: This is not a studio recording, quality of picture and sound is regretted).

Deedar Singh Pardesi Interview on Ajit Web TV, May 2016

Watch this interesting interview conducted by Swaran Singh Tehna looking into the colorful life of Deedar Singh Pardesi.

Deedar Singh Pardesi BBC Recording: "Maen Panchi Albela"

Deedar Singh Pardesi presented this song at UK BBC studios in 1983. His evergreen voice and energy filled delivery make this performance unforgettable - enjoy.

Deedar Singh Pardesi BBC Recording: "Aap Jinke Kareeb Hote Hain"

Deedar Singh Pardesi presented this Ghazal written by “Nuh Narvi”, at UK BBC studios in 1983. Musicians: Bachu Patel (Mandolin), Ismail Sheikh (Tabla), Natu Mistry (Dholak), Deepak Khazanchi (Guitar), Mohd. Kassim (Violin) and Shailesh Pujara (Accordian).

Deedar Singh Pardesi Concert: Punjabi Bhavan, Ludhiana, 1993

Deedar Singh Pardesi in a concert at the Open Air Theatre, Punjabi Bhavan, Ludhiana in 1993. The Audience were able to enjoy the soulful voice of Deedar Singh Pardesi under a moon lit sky. Accompanied by Surinder on Tabla and Sarabjit on Guitar. This clip includes the Ghazal, "Ishq Ki Chingarion Ko Phir Hawa Dene Lage" written by Shakeel Badayuni. At the end, the clip includes a personal & loving speech from renowned poet Surjit Patar (cousin brother of Deedar Pardesi) and very encouraging comments from Dr. Sardara Singh Johal, past Chancellor of University.

"Awwal Allah Noor Upaya, Kudrat Ke Sub Bande”

Deedar Singh Pardesi presents “Awwal Allah Noor Upaya, Kudrat Ke Sub Bande” a Shabad by Bhagat Kabir Ji with his son Raju on Tabla and Grandson Jasvir on Tambourine.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Prakash Divas by Deedar Singh Pardesi.

Commemoration of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Prakash Divas by Deedar Singh Pardesi. Congratulations to worldwide Nanak Naam Leva community.

"Hoant Sade Tarsde, Jal Nu Vichare Reh Gaye" by Deedar Singh Pardesi.

A wonderful cuplet of beautiful Ghazal “Hoant Sade Tarsde, Jal Nu Vichare Reh Gaye” written by Gurdas Parmar and sung by Deedar Singh Pardesi on his CD Album “Nangiyan Shakhan”

"Hasde Hasde Ek Din Dundiyon Tutt Jan Ge" by Deedar Singh Pardesi.

A wonderful couplet from the Ghazal “Hasde Hasde Ek Din Dundiyon Tutt Jan Ge" written by Sathi Ludhianvi and sung by Deedar Singh Pardesi.

Concert Performance Toronto 2002: "Ek Buta Ambi Da" by Deedar Singh Pardesi.

Deedar Singh Pardesi performed a concert in Toronto, Canada on 21st Sep 2002 where he presented his famous, "Ek Buta Ambi Da" written by Prof. Mohan Singh. Even though there was no extra musical accompaniment, it was received with utmost admiration from the audience.

Martyrdom of Chaar Sahibzaade

Remembering the unforgettable Martyrdom of Chaar Sahibzaade, Four Heroic Sons of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. This recording is available on “Dasmesh Da Deedar”, a CD Album by Deedar Singh Pardesi in praise of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Available on iTunes:


In commemoration of 350th Prakash Divas of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Pardesi Arts presents a Geet written by Diwan Singh which Deedar Singh Pardesi presented in his Golden voice at a Diwan Keertan in Nairobi. This Geet is also available on Album “Dasmesh Da Deedar” which can be availed on iTunes (

Deedar Singh Pardesi’s hit album “Salma Ki Yaad Mein”

Deedar Singh Pardesi’s hit album “Salma Ki Yaad Mein” is another milestone in the musical part of his life. A powerful ghazal album leaving the listener mesmerised by the meaningful lyrics, professional orchestra and unique, ever green voice of the one and only Deedar Singh Pardesi. A musical experience to be treasured. In this Album Deedar Singh Pardesi has sung two versions of his classic “Salma”. Watch this clip of the 2nd version of “Salma” – “Basti Ki Ladkion Mein” (Lyrics: Akhtar Sheerani, Composition: Deedar Singh Pardesi and Musical Arrangement: Amar Haldipur & Bachu Patel) A prominent journalist in Pakistan, Iqbal Feroze wrote in Urdu script, a detailed article about Deedar Singh Pardesi and Akhtar Sheerani’s “Salma” - you can read the full article at: The full song and album is available on iTunes:…/…/salma-ki-yaad-mein/id1072952587

Deedar Singh Pardesi Exclusive Interview

Listen to this rare recording of Deedar Singh Pardesi interviewing the "Koels of Punjab", Prakash Kaur and Surinder Kaur, on their first visit to Kenya in 1965.

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